Duck Tape Wallet

You won’t believe what this Wallet is made out of!

Looking at this project materials list (duct tape and drywall mesh), it’s kind of hard to believe that you can make a fully functional men’s bi-fold wallet. Apparently, you really can do anything with this super tape…

The History of Duct Tape

Duct tape has a reputation for being incredibly strong and able to stick to just about anything. The truth is, that’s not far off. The 3M Corporation invented the tape in the early 1920s. Then, Purmacell, a division of Johnson and Johnson perfected the strong, stick tape during World War II. Originally named ‘Duck Tape’ after the cotton duck fabric strip used in it’s production and it’s ability to repel water like a duck’s feathers.

What is duct tape anyway?

There are several types of duct tape on the market today. It’s manufacturing varies from brand to brand. Generally, it starts out as cotton mesh. A coating of poly-ethylene covers mesh giving it the plastic look and feel. Finally, the addition of a rubber based adhesive, applied in layers, give the tape it’s signature stickiness.

Why on earth would make a wallet out of duct tape?

Why wouldn’t you? In the first place, it just fun. Duct tape comes in hundreds of colors and patterns. That, coupled with duct tapes low price tag, you can make a wallet for under $10. You can have a different wallet for every day of the week. Most importantly, people always ask me about mine, whenever I pull it out to pay for something. They can’t over that it is made from tape. I have many people ask if they could pay me to make them one. I, of course, took them up on it…

Would you like to learn how to make one. Luckily there’s a step by step tutorial. Enjoy. Please feel free to comment and let me know how they turned out. Do you make wallets out of some other unconventional materials? Let us know!

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