Duct Tape Wallet

The Duct Tape Wallet: Step by Step DIY Guide

In my previous article, ‘You won’t believe what this wallet is made out of‘, I explained why you would want to make a wallet out of duct tape.  

Today, I’m to explain how to make a duct tape wallet. Let’s jump right in and get started!

Materials and Tools

Material List:

  1. One or two rolls of craft duct tape. (Regular duct tape is too thin and doesn’t work for this project).
  2. One roll of self-adhesive mesh drywall joint tape.

Tools List:

  1. Ruler
  2. Scissors
  3. Rotary Blade (optional)
  4. Xacto Knife (optional)


Now that you have your supplies we can get started!

To avoid confusion, I’ve broken down the wallet into four sections:

  • Front outside cover
  • Bill pocket front
  • Bill pocket back
  • Inside Care Sleeves.

We will be making the wallet in that order.

Front Outside Cover

First, Cut 3 strips of drywall mesh about 10 inches long and 6 strips 5 inches long.

Next, attach the mesh to 10 inch strips of duct tape. By the way, it’s best to attach the mesh as you are unrolling the tape.

Then, line up the 10 inch strips of backed duct tape, making a rectangle


Weave the 5 inch strips within the 10 inch strips using a basket weave pattern.


Then, carefully lift the duct tape pattern and flip it over.

Using your ruler, draw a rectangle measuring 8.5″ x 3.5″ centered on the woven duct tape.

Cut squares out of the 4 corners.

On all four sides, use your ruler to crease the excess tape and fold under.

The front outside is complete.

We’re going to attach the bill pocket front directly to the back of the front outside.

Bill Pocket Front

Carefully tape across the top of bill pocket front lining up with the top edge and trim the sides.


Repeat on the bottom half.


The bill pocket front is not complete.

Bill Pocket Back

First, cut two strips of dry wall mesh 8″ long.

Next, overlap the steps longwise making a 8″ x 3″ rectangle.

Finally, cover one side with duct tape.


This is the bill pocket back.

Inside Card Sleeves

Flip over and place it centered lengthwise with the tops lined up, over bill pocket front.


Then tape across the top overlapping the sides.


Now repeat across the bottom. This will be the base for the inside card sleeves.

Cut four strips of drywall mesh 3.5″ long and cover one side with tape.

Next, with the tape side down, place taped mesh about 3/4″ from the bottom, one on each side.

Also, leave 1/2″ space between and on each side.

Put a small piece of tape on the bottom to hold them in place.

Tape across the pockets.

Repeat with the other two pockets 1/2″ from the top of the previous packets. Next, trim the excess tape from the sides.

You’re all set!


Enjoy your new Duct Tape Wallet.

With all the different kinds of duct tape available, you can get really creative. The sky is the limit. I made these out of the small rolls of duct tape.

I’d love to hear dhow yours turned out. Feel free to let me know or ask any questions by commenting below.

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